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Step Three - Meet

To encourage accountability of the goals established in the Key Outcomes Tracker tool, meet with members of your core team once a month for one to two hours. This tool can be accessed at the “Downloads” tab of this web site.

Depending on the individuals, it may make sense to get together as a group or one-on-one.
An invaluable core team will be able to hold that “mirror” in front of you; in other words, they have the ability to keep you honest with yourself. When they do this, thank them; you will be all the better for it.

Talk about being easier said than done! These three steps are not often easy to put in place. However, of all the best practices, aligning your social environment will have the greatest impact on your ability to consistently attend classes and complete study sessions. 

Step One - Socialize

Socialize with individuals who support your academic goals and minimize or stop socializing with people whose behaviors are not supportive.

Individuals who support your goals don’t pull you away from attending classes or completing study sessions; rather, they behave and interact with you in a way that moves you toward these outcomes. 


Step Two - Identify

Identify a small, core team of individuals (1 to 3 people) who you can count on to help keep you on track.

If you don’t feel you have access to this core team, then identify these individuals. Sometimes it’s just a matter of asking someone, such as:  a friend, roommate, classmate, or even your TA. You might be surprised to experience how human kindness surfaces when you come from a place of honesty and vulnerability.

There are three central steps to creating a social environment that will help you achieve the outcomes of attending classes and completing study sessions.