Rewards can make the difference between doing and not doing something! While your primary rewards are linked to (graduation!), it can be helpful and motivating to establish short term rewards along the way. Create your own personal rewards system by linking rewards to attending classes and completing study sessions

“Sticking to a schedule is tough, but knowing that I get a night out with friends on Friday night if I complete all my study sessions makes it well worth it!”

– Annie, Senior

You can use the Key Outcomes Tracker tool to track your weekly progress and determine time frames and thresholds for rewarding yourself. This tool can be accessed at the “Downloads” tab of this web site.

For example: Let’s say at the start of your week you commit to attending 100% of your classes and completing 100% of your study sessions. If at the end of the week you’ve accomplished these outcomes, reward yourself with something you enjoy...

  • See a movie
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant with your friends
  • Play some video game
  • Get a manicure
  • Etc.

Try getting creative, such as: “If I beat last week’s percentage of completed study sessions, then I’ll double my reward for this week.”     

If your only rewards are based on the long term goal of achieving a degree, then you’re missing an opportunity to apply the power of short term “weekly” rewards as personal motivators.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by creating your own short term personal reward system. Make a game out of it and have fun!

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