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Part Three: Quotes From Fellow Students

Quotes From Fellow Students is a compilation of direct quotes gathered from hundreds of college students. They cover topics such as managing time, attending classes, working with professors, joining organizations, being safe, balancing academics with social life, and more.

By evaluating your decision-making skills, maximizing your time with instructors and taking to heart the feedback from your peers, you’ll be an active participant in your college experience and decrease the likelihood of your falling into the procrastination habit.

The below link to the booklet entitled Succeeding in College:  Dos and Don’ts From Fellow Students is divided into three parts:

Part One: Procrastination

In this Part, the causes of procrastination are uncovered by way of evaluating questionable time management decisions versus good time management decisions. Through this evaluation,  you can fine-tune your time management decisions and work against procrastination.
Part Two: Three Biggest Opportunities to Secure Great Grades

Three Biggest Opportunities to Secure Great Grades speaks to how to make the most out of your interactions with your instructors.

Procrastination is one of the largest challenges college students face today. Research studies show that the majority of students procrastinate. Moreover, college students who procrastinate their studies also suffer other consequences beyond poor grades, such as unhealthy sleep patterns and diets.