We’ve all heard the saying, “what gets measured gets done.” Regular tracking and management of important outcomes is a great way to stay focused on your primary goal: graduation!

There are two important outcomes you must accomplish: attending classes and completing study sessions.

The below link to the “Key Outcomes Tracker” tool provides immediate, visual feedback on your daily progress towards completing these two outcomes. By entering your basic course information and simply checking off your attendance and study progress on a daily basis, you will develop a living document that shows your likelihood of successfully graduating from college.

  • The Key Outcomes Tracker provides a running summary of your attendance in each class as your semester progresses. Less than 75% attendance indicates a high risk of jeopardizing a passing grade.
  • This tool will also help you track your completion of planned ‘weekly’ study sessions. Completing less than 80% of your study sessions places you at risk in not earning course credit.

As your semester progresses, this tracking tool can provide you a reality check on your true progress before it’s too late to make a positive change.

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“Go to every class and study... don’t wait until the last minute to do a paper...you will do better if you do a little every day because you will have time to think about it.” 

– Olivia, Junior